SW Marine Custom Boat Blinds

Call for details and options on these one of a kind custom blinds!

Drake Series Supermag

This blind features a high-low / step design, commonly referred to as the "Odessa Style".  This design is typically constructed on larger boats with remote steer capability.  The supermag design allows the customer to sit completely under the top of the blind, offering the most protection from the weather.  Many add a complete line of accessories to the supermag.

Drake Series Magnum

This blind features a low profile, less noticeable step design.  This style is our most popular and has been constructed on about any boat possible, including mud motor rigs.  And this blind can be accessorized equally as well as the supermag. It is also possible to construct this blind in two halves for easy removal.

Drake Series Standard

This blind has the same structural design as the Supermag and Magnum, without the step feature.  This blind is our most affordable design and, like the others, can be accessorized to the customers specifications.  This blind is our lightest and best suited for mud motor packages and easily removed as it can be constructed in two halves.