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Gator-Tail has, from the beginning left much of the competition in the mud. With neutral and electric trim standard, Gator Tail stands above the rest. Gator-Tail offers a true reverse, this reverse feature is easy to use, and functional. There are no handles to crank or pins to pull and drive units to ratchet. It's simple, just squeeze the handle and a hydraulic actuated reverse goes into action. This type of reverse feature is especially useful in tight areas, loading and unloading from the trailer, picking up decoys in deep or mucky bottom areas, navigating in flooded timber, etc. We have been running Gator-Tail's since 2005 and are still being impressed at where these outboards can take you and how they hold up to the punishment hard core duck hunters give them. These motors take an unbelievable amount of punishment and keep going.

We have a great deal of experience running Gator-Tail outboards. At SW Marine, we feel it our responsibility to run the products we represent in as many tough conditions as possible. We also do a great deal of load testing with Gator-Tail Outboards and various duck boat, duck blind, outboard and load combinations. We strive to have the best knowledge to put the best package together for the customer and their specific needs. We have run our own mud motors in timber, weeds, mud, hard clay, gravel and sand bottoms, jumping beaver dams and lay downs. We have done this in all types of weather, including extreme ice conditions. These motors just keep running.

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